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Tue, Wed, Fri pick up 10:30

Meet the arctic animals at their homes!

During Reindeer farm visit you will get close contact with the fascinating antler heads and have a short reindeer sleigh drive to earn you own reindeer driving licence. In Konttaniemi Reindeer farm you will learn a lot about reindeer. Coffee and Lappish sweet pastry are served. Time spent in reindeer farm approx. one hour.

In Huskypoint Käpälämäki you will meet plenty of lovely huskies and pups, have an exciting ride with a team of huskies. Käpälämäki is the heart of the husky adventures and here you will hear a lot about the life of sled dogs and about the thrills of long sled dog races. For real dog lovers there is a chance to run and play with our younger dogs.

Length of the husky drive is one km. Time spent in husky farm approx 1h10min.

We’ll pick you up from your hotel in Rovaniemi.
Please notice: this program does not include winter clothing set. In both places you are all the time near the warm indoor premises.
This combination program is for sale only with our transfers.

Package includes:
Reindeer farm visit, husky farm visit, short drives in both places,
transportations from/to Rovaniemi town.

Programme duration:
approx 2h45min

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