Unleash the Musher

FROM JAN2017 Tue, Wed

Unleash your inner musher! You will have your own team of huskies to drive some 40 km along the beautiful forest and over the lakes… you will probably be tired but happy after this safari. Simple but delicious soup lunch in the forest around the camp fire is served.

Be prepared to spend over 5 hours outside and breathe the fresh winter air of Lapland!

If you are planning a trip with children we recommend Husky Favorite or Deeper Forest.

Program duration 5,5 hours. Five hours in the forest includes one longer break for lunch. Distance driven depends on the weather conditions and the skills of the participants. An average it is 37-41km. Please notice that there is no possibility to go indoors during that five hours.

Package includes:
Return transport from Rovaniemi,
winter clothing, lunch.

Programme duration:
Total duration approximately 6,5hours.

price per adult, solo driving 299€

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