Racing Huskies

Long distance sled dog races are our passion – the longer the better. We travel a lot to Norway to take part to the long races. There we can find the most challenging races and the best mushers. Besides that we always have a great time there, lots of laughs and plenty of excitement.

Huskypoint Racing plans for 2015

Femundlopet 600/ one team

Finnmarkslopet 1000km/ one team

Pasvik Trail / 2 teams

Huskypoint Racing 2014

Tobacco Trail February 2014/Aki Holck

Finnmarkslopet 1000km/ Juha Hokka

Pasvik Trail April/ Juho Ylipiessa 8th place Open class/ Juha Hokka 5th place open class

Huskypoint Racing 2013

Femunlopet 600km February 2013/Juha Hokka

Tobacco Trail February 2013/

Finnmarkslopet 1000km March 2013/Aki Holck

Pasvik Trail /Juho Ylipiessa and Mikael Sundström

Huskypoint Racing 2012

Femundlopet 400km February 2012/Juha Hokka 5th place

Finnmarkslopet 500km March 2012/Juha Hokka 13th

Finnmarkslopet 500km March 2012/Juho Ylipiessa 32nd

Pasvik Trail 2012/ Michael Kalcher 11th place

Huskypoint Racing 2011

Amundsen Race our Juho Ylipiessa was the winner of the race 2011

Huskypoint Racing Calendar 2010

Femundlopet 5th February, 400km in Norway, our team driven by Juho Ylipiessa was 7th, excellent!Finnmarkslopet 13th March 2010- 1000km in Norway, our race was over after 390km.. dogs had kennel cough.
Pasvik Trail 300km Norway, our team in open class driven by Aki Holck was 3rd.

Aki’s racing calendar 2009

5.-9.2.2009 Femundloppet 600km Norway
7.3-13.3.2009 Finnmarksloppet 1060km Norway
27.-29.3.2009 Amundsen Race 420km Sweden/Norway
2.-3.4.2009 Pasvik Trail 300km Norway
5.-11.4.2009 Arctic Barents Russia

Amundsen Race, Pasvik Trail and Arctic Barents formed together the Arctic Barents Pilot Race.

There were 6 participants, Sigrid Ekram, Kjetil Reitan and Robert Sorlie from Norway, Taisto Torneus from Sweden, Nikolai Ettyne from Russia and the representative of Finland was our Aki Holck.

Musher with the best combined time in these three races was the overal winner. 2009 the winner was Robert Sorlie, Iditarod musher from Norway and Aki was 2nd. We are very proud of this achievement. Read more about this exciting new race: click the picture of the logo on the right side of this page.

Former races our dogs have participated

2006 8th place Finnmarkslopet 500 km Aki Holck
2007 3rd place Pasvik Trail 300km open class Aki Holck
2008 1st place Eastpoint Carelian charm 200 km Finnish Championship in long distance Aki Holck
2008 3rd place Pasvik Trail 300km limited class Jaakko Mölsä
2008 7th place and best foreign musher Finnmarkslopet 1000 km Aki Holck
2009 11th place and best foreign musher Finnmarkslopet 1000 km Aki Holck
2009 10th place and best foreign musher Amundsen race Aki Holck
2009 2nd place Long Trail 200km Finnish Championship race Jaakko Mölsä
2009 11th place Finnmarkslopet 500km limited class Jaakko Mölsä
2009 2nd place Arctic Barents race 1112km Aki Holck